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Rosehip Extract

【Introduction】Rosa rugosa, originly grown in China, which called begonia in North Korea. In 1986, Congress chose the rose as America's national flower. As a crop, Rosa flower can be ate, and also can extract perfume rose oil which are used in cosmetics, food, chemical industries.
Rosehip Extract

【Chinese Name】 Mei Gui Guo

【Botanic Name】 Rosa rugosa

【Use Part】 Fruit

【Specifications】 10% Polyphenol, 1%-5% Vitamin C

1. Anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals.
2. Improve blood circulation and metabolism.
3. Strengthen spleen and improve digestion.
4. Resist cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
5. Regulate the menstrual function and relieve pain.
6. Anti-obesity, anti-aging.
7. Promote bile secretion.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Cosmetic