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Ivy Extract


The chief constituents of ivy extract are flavonol glycosides (including kaempferol and rutin), saponins (3-6% in proportion, including hederacosides and hederin), sesquiterpenes, sterols (including sitosterol and stigmasterol), polyalkanes (including falcarinol), etc.
Preparations of common ivy, are in the form of skin products, cosmetics, shampoos, teas, anticellulite creams and in some proprietary mixtures used for symptoms like bronchitis.
Ivy Extract

【Chinese Name】 Chang Chun Teng

【Botanic Name】 Hedera helix L.

【Use Part】 Leaf

【Specifications】 10%-40% Hederacosides, 3%-20% Hederacoside C

1. Relieve joint pain and back pain.
2. Effectively resist to carcinogenic substances in the nicotine.
3. Promote blood circulation and detoxification.
4. Anti-aging, tighten the skin.
5. Benefit respiratory tract.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Cosmetic
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