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Centella Asiatica Extract

【Introduction】Centella asiatica has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in India, China and Indonesia. Its ability to heal wounds, improve mental clarity, and treat skin conditions such as leprosy and psoriasis were important reasons for its extensive use in these countries. It has also been called one of the "miracle elixirs of life" because legend has it that an ancient Chinese herbalist lived for more than 200 years as a result of using the herb.
Centella Asiatica Extract

【Chinese Name】 Ji Xue Cao

【Botanic Name】 Centella asiatica L.

【Use Part】 Whole Plant

【Specifications】 10%~90% Asiaticosides, 10%~98% Asiaticoside

1. Promote metabolism, resist skin ulcers and other skin diseases.
2. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-inflammation.
3. Whiten and moisten skin.
4. Reconstruct dermis, enhance the collagen synthesis, make the skin smooth and elastic.
5. Reconstruct epidermal, improve the keratinization functionality.
6. Strengthen blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Cosmetic