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Dandelion Extract

【Introduction】The dandelion is known to be a good remedy with liver diseases. It can be used to improve liver congestion, hepatitis, gall bladder problems and formation of stones. It can do good to healthy bile. Its good effects on the digestive tract makes it an aid in food allergies by helping the body to assimilate fat. 

Dandelion Extract

【Chinese Name】 Pu Gong Ying

【Botanic Name】 Taraxacum officinale

【Use Part】 Whole Herb

【Specifications】  4%~10% Flavonoids

1. Improve liver function, resist inflammation and congestion of liver.
2. Treat hepatitis, liver swelling, jaundice and indigestion which caused by inadequate bile secretion.
3. Improve detoxification function, restore biliary function, eliminate gallstones and congestion.
4. Treat anemia.
5. Resist chronic ulcers, stiff joints, and tuberculosis.
6. Lower blood pressure.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement