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Yucca Extract

【Introduction】 Yucca is a flowering plant in the Lilaceae family that grows mostly in desert areas of the United States and Mexico. It typically has stiff leaves with needle sharp ends. There are dozens of varieties, such as Spanish dagger and giant Yucca, which can range in sizes. They tolerate high temperatures and sparse watering but may be killed by cold. Yucca extract is a consumable product derived from these plants.
Yucca Extract

【Chinese Name】 Si Lan

【Botanic Name】 Yucca schidigera

【Use Part】 Leaf & Stem

【Specifications】 10%~60% Saponins

1. Enhance immunity, decrease incidence of diseases.
2. Suppress the breeding of protozoa and other noxious bacteria.
3. Increase beneficial bacteria amount, maintain good intestinal tract circumstances.
4. Improve the absorption and utilization rate of nutrients facts.
5. Control the smell of animal waste.
6. Improve breeding reproduction and lower stillbirth rate.

【Applications】 Dietary supplement / Feed additive