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Fruit Juices Powder series

【Introduction】Fruit juice powder is directly comes from fruit juice.With the Spray/Freeze-drying process,the fruit juice powder keeps the taste and odor from the fruit.It can used as a flavor.A natrual & healthy Food/Beverage Additives.
It can also made into instant drink in small pack. Easy to save and carry.When you need a fruit juice,you can just add water and enjoy one.We provide formulating/packing/labling services for this product.
Natural Fruit Juice Powders

【Applications】 Food additive / Beverage

Goji Juice Power         
Pomegranate Juice Powder 
Apple Juice Powder    
Pitaya Juice Powder  
Blueberry Juice Powder 
Mango Juice Powder 
Hawthorn Juice Powder 
Noni Juice Powder  
Pineapple Juice Powder 
Strawberry Juice Powder 
Seabuckthorn Juice Powder 
Apricot Juice Powder 
Bayberry Juice Powder