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Mulberry Leaf Extract

【Introduction】Mulberry leaf is considered as a nice herb in the ancient China for anti-inflammation, anti-aging and maintaining health. Mulberry leaf p.e is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants. Among this components, the most valuable are rutoside and DNJ (1-Deoxynojimycin),The latest chinese research has shown mulberry leaf p.e rutoside and DNJ are effective in regulating blood fat, balancing blood pressure, reducing blood glucose, and boosting metabolism.

Mulberry Leaf Extract

【Chinese Name】 Sang Ye

【Botanic Name】 Morus Alba L.

【Use Part】 Leaf

【Specifications】 1%~20% 1-Deoxynojirimycin; 5%~20% Flavonoids

1. Anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals.
2. Enhance immunity.
3. Anti-diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce blood sugar.
4. Weight control by preventing absorption of glucose.
5. Anti-virus, anti-tumor.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement