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Mucuna pruriens Extract

【Introduction】Mucuna Pruriens Seeds (non-GMO) are a natural source of L-Dopa which may help support mood, as well as energy and endurance levels. Traditionally Mucuna has been used to support stamina. In addition, it may help to encourage circulation in a healthy individual.
Mucuna pruriens Extract

【Chinese Name】 Li Dou

【Botanic Name】 Mucuna pruriens

【Use Part】 Bean

【Specifications】98% L-Dopa

1. Improve sleep, promote deep sleep, improve mood and sense of well-being.
2. Decrease wrinkle, improve skin texture and appearance.
3. Increase bone density and reverse osteoporosis, increase lean muscle mass and energy level.
4. Improve cholesterol profile, regenerate organs cells such as heart, kidney, liver and lungs.
5. Dramatically enhance the immune system.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Cosmetic