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Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract

【Introduction】Griffonia Seed Extract,5-HTP is a hormone in the body called serotonin (5- hydroxy tryptophan, the precursor of 5-HT), 5-HTP can help the body to produce of 5-HT. 5-HT is related to some basic function of the nervous system such as arousal, mood, and can also control the human body language, transmission of motion and sensation. So 5-HTP is used for anti depression; weight loss; improve sleep; ease premenstrual syndrome; reduce migraine, tension headache and so on.
Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract

【Chinese Name】 Jia Na Zi

【Botanic Name】 Griffonia simplicifolia

【Use Part】 Seed

【Specifications】 10%~98% 5-HTP

1. Anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, improve mood and physical symptoms.
2. Anti-depression, reduce fibromyalgia.
3. Inhibit headaches including tension headache and migraines.
4. Decrease appetite, assist on weight control.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement
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