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Goji Berry Extract

【Introduction】Goji extract is a traditional Chinese medicine and the nutrition food supplement. It has important status in traditional Chinese medicine for its medicinal value enjoys esteem among all previous dynasties medicine. Goji is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, and the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides can regulate the body’s immune system, eliminate organism free radical, and suppress the cancer cell effectively. It can be used in cancer's prevention.

Feverfew Extract

【Introduction】 Feverfew is a traditional medicinal herb which is found in many old gardens, and is also occasionally grown for ornament. Parthenolide, also known as fever chrysanthemum, is a familiar early perennial to ancient Europeans. U.S. researchers recently found that parthenolide can destroy acute leukemia cells, leukemia drug on the development of great help.

Echinacea Extract

【Introduction】 Echinacea extract is extracted from the leaves, stems and roots of Echinacea Purpurea. Echinacea, commonly known as cone flower or black sampson is a purple colored flower which belongs to the daisy or sunflower family called Asteraceae. It contains 8 species, originates from America. Now Narrow-Leaf Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea Epurpurea have been developed in drugs because of its high medicinal values, and named for its capitulum looks like pinecone. 

Cyanotis Vaga Extract

【Introduction】 Ecdysterone significantly increased by amino acids, protein chains to assemble into stimulating muscle cells in the cytoplasm of protein synthesis, and the ability to grow into proteins and migration process. Ecdysterone also helps to stability in the safety of cortisol damage cell, make energy synthesis (ATP and muscle normalization procedure and improve liver function and peptide) quickly adapt to the organic physical environment and pressure changes.

Chrysanthemum Extract

【Introduction】Chrysanthemum morifolium (also known as Florist's daisy and Hardy garden mum) is a species of perennial plant from Asteraceae family. This plant can be noted for its popularity as an indoor houseplant in part because of its air cleaning qualities as per a study done by NASA, removing trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and other chemicals from the air. In general, the plant is best fertilized once a month and watered two to three times a week depending on climate.